As the premier stockist and supplier of valves to the international oil and gas industries, Score (Europe) Limited takes pride in using our knowledge, resources and 30 years’ experience to provide you with the correct valve and actuator packages to meet all your requirements for on-going projects and future plans.

From the moment of your first contact with us our specialist sales teams will aim to source the valve solutions you require. Score can supply any type of valve including ball, gate, butterfly, globe, plug, choke, diaphragm, control valve, safety, check, double block & bleed, needle and more.

Score uses a unique and fully searchable valve coding system based on properties including valve type, size, class, metallurgy, end-connection and seat material. By coding your valve requirements we can quickly and accurately search for specification matches:

  • From our own stock, which is the largest in the world with an inventory of over 100,000 valves of all types.
  • Via our database of approved valve manufacturers and vendors worldwide.

The personal touch

Thanks to our status, totally independent from all manufacturers and their agents, we can manage the ordering and delivery processes quickly and efficiently and free of franchise or vendor agreements with manufacturers. Such freedom ensures that we are always able to provide independent advice and help for you to find the optimum solution to meet all your valve requirements.

Quality and safety

At Score (Europe) Limited we recognise that the quality of products which we stock and supply is critical to the smooth running and safety of our customers’ operations. Consequently, all our valves are processed and supplied in accordance with our stringent Quality Management System.


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