As the premier stockist and supplier of valves and actuators to the oil and gas industries, Score (Europe) Limited, is able to provide clients with a complete package incorporating valve, interface drive, actuator and control system for new or existing processes.

Actuators and control system components of all types, and from all manufacturers, can be supplied, developed and fitted to meet your unique and precise requirements. Specialist engineers in our dedicated Valve Automation Team will ensure that your actuation package is designed to the highest standards and in accordance with our stringent Quality Management System.

This co-ordinated approach, part of Score’s Intelligent Valve Management system, provides long-term, reliable and safe operation of the complete package and takes into account:

  • Process and operational conditions, including critical application in harsh environments.
  • Redesign of valve drive chain to suit safety-critical applications.
  • Sizing of actuator to its valve in order to give reliable operation over an extended service life.
  • Upgrading of actuators to incorporate special features for increasing protection to pipeline systems.

Score’s dedicated Valve Automation Team has developed design methods to ensure that:

  • In all valve automation packages supplied, the valve is capable of accommodating the full actuator output, without sustaining damage to the valve or actuator parts, during any part of the actuator stroke.
  • There is sufficient margin between demand torque of the valve and actuator output, thus supporting operation under all demand conditions, whilst taking into account degradation of the valve.

Actuator and control system solutions provided by Score are assured of full design and engineering traceability. Control systems which we design and assemble are CE marked for ATEX.

Thanks to our status which is totally independent from all manufacturers and their agents, we can supply or advise on your valve automation and control system requirements free of franchise or vendor agreements with manufacturers.

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