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Specialists in engineering services

Providing support for the defence, nuclear, aerospace and energy sector.


West Africa's leading provider of valve services

With 40+ years industry experience, we are uniquely placed to provide services from our purpose-built facility at Takoradi.

Score Group is a specialist in precision manufacturing, valve supply, automation and management systems and provides complex engineering solutions to customers in multiple markets, including defence, nuclear, aerospace, utilities and energy.

Rigworld Solutions, an indigenous engineering company, are specialists in a wide range of engineering services including, the production of stud bolts and nuts; and the maintenance of both high-and low-pressure hoses for the petrochemical industry.

Our vision is to provide the West African market with a gateway to support in-country valve asset management, engineering and integrity solutions.

Score Rigworld Services Ltd aims to provide valve specialist services from our 1000m2 facilities.

This includes a dedicated workshop area, machine shop, an extensive stockholding of parts to ensure rapid delivery of spare parts and replacement service; with a 3000m2 laydown area. We are also ideally positioned to provide staging and engineering services.


combined years of experience


purpose built facility at Takoradi


laydown area for spare parts & replacements


West African provider of valve services


West Africa's leading provider of valve services

We have extensive experience in providing specialist engineering services to a range of sectors.

Oil and gas



Food and beverage

Power Industry

Oil and Gas

We have more than 35 years combined experience as providers of valve and asset management services to all sectors of the oil and gas industry providing services to the down, mid and up-stream sectors.


Fuel handling, hydraulics and many other offshore applications. Our flow control solutions help you effectively deal issues such as extreme temperature


In these extreme conditions, where material concentrates can be highly abrasive, we ensure that all fluid transport lines meet the requirements of all minerals.

Food and beverage

Ensuring food material valves and utility services are stringently resistant to corrosion, ensuring pressure and temperature requirements are reached.

Power industry

We are already working in renewables, biomass, fossil-fuels, nuclear and hydrogen power to provide optimum solutions to ensure the safety, integrity and reliability of all valve solutions.

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