Valve automation and control systems

Score provides a valve automation and control system service which includes design, manufacture, assembly and testing of actuated valve assemblies with control systems. This specialist service offered by Score provides clients with a complete package of valve, interface drive, actuator and control system.

Score’s thoroughly applied design methodology ensures that a valve is capable of accommodating the full actuator output without sustaining any damage to the valve or actuator parts, for any part of the actuator stroke. Clients are further assured that there is a sufficient margin between demand torque of the valve and actuator output, which supports the operation under all demand conditions. This includes the factor which takes account of the degradation of the valve.

The approach adopted by Score provides safe, reliable and long term operation of the complete package.

Key elements of our services in this market include:

  • Fitting of actuators and accessories to both new and used valves.
  • Valve to actuator mounting kits are engineered, designed and manufactured in house in strict accordance with our quality standards.
  • Independent actuator selection, allowing us to offer best in class components, to suit all manufacturers’ valves.
  • Associated Controls Systems and Hydraulic Power Units (HPU’s), designed and manufactured in house to meet specific client specifications.
  • Substantial stocks of valves, actuators and associated controls components allow fast track solutions.

In designing the package, our engineers will consider as appropriate:

  • Process and operational conditions.
  • Redesign of valve drive chain to suit safety-critical applications.
  • Sizing of actuator to valve to give reliable operation over extended service life.
  • Upgrading of actuators to incorporate special features giving increased protection of pipeline systems.

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