Training services

Score Group has been providing worldwide technical training solutions to oil, gas and other valve-using industries for over a decade.

Drawing on Score’s 30+ years of experience and utilising local knowledge in Ghana, we can provide presenter-led and workshop based training; tailored courses can be developed for groups or on a one-to-one basis on request.

We can provide the following services:

  • Control Valves (1 day, with practical)
  • Direct Spring PSV (2 day, with practical)
  • Pilot Operated PSV (2 day, with practical)
  • Essential Valve Knowledge (EVK) Level 1 (1 day, theory only)
    Covering ball, butterfly, choke, control, check, gate, globe,
    needle, control and plug valves plus PSVs and actuators
  • EVK Level 2 (5 day, with practical)
    As per EVK Level 1 plus practical training on the valve types
  • PSV Appreciation (1 day, theory only)
  • PSV Inspection and Verification (2 day, with practical)
  • Compression Packing (1 day, with practical)
  • Sealant Injection (1 day, with practical)
  • Plug Valve Maintenance (1 day, with practical)
  • Actuators (1 day, with practical)
  • Hand and Hydraulic Torque (1 day, with practical)

(For more information on our broader service offering, please see the Score Group website.

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