Stock and supply

As a global market leader in the supply of valves, actuators, controls and associated accessories, Score Group holds the world’s largest stock of valves/actuators to support the various energy and industrial markets.

We can supply these from stock on a fast turnaround, tested and packaged to your requirements.

We recognise that the requirement and specification for every valve/operator can be different, our sales engineers review your requirement and then select the appropriate solution to meet your delivery requirements.

An independent supplier, we have an extensive inventory of more than 125,000 valves, we can efficiently supply any type of valve, actuator or accessory, tested and packaged to meet customer requirements.

Our specialist sales team provides impartial advice on all aspects of valve selection, actuation, operation, and performance; to guarantee a solution to suit your needs.


  • Local stockist
  • Access to $400m of stock on ex-works
  • Modification and upgrades
  • Fast track delivery
  • Invaluable knowledge of supply chain
  • 400+ approved suppliers
  • $100m annual spend on valves and actuators
  • Robust vendor approval process
  • Order management, expediting and verification services

For more information on our broader service offering, please see the Score Group website.

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