Working in close co-operation with other activities in the machining shop at Score (Europe), Our highly skilled and experienced team of welding technicians are ‘multi-coded’ enabling them to work with a wide variety of products.

Employing the latest equipment, materials and methods, all work is undertaken to comply with the latest ASME 9 standards. In addition to performing new welds and claddings, we use our unrivalled knowledge and experience to repair, modify and upgrade engineering components, particularly valves of all types and sizes, from the oil and gas industries.


Valve cladding constitutes an important part of our activities and we specialise in hot-wire TIG cladding using, in particular, Inconel 625 overlays.


At Score (Europe) we keep on site a large stock of corrosion/wear resistant welding and cladding components incorporating ferrous and non-ferrous materials. In addition to the hard-wearing Inconel 625 which is widely used by Score for ensuring critical seals on valves, we also keep stocks of Inconel 718, F51 Duplex and F55 Duplex.


Each Score welding bay houses a 4-ton swing-jib crane and our welders have access to a 10-ton overhead crane and a 5-ton crane. Other specialist equipment includes two Fronius Hot-wire TIG cladding machines complete with 60’’-diameter rotary tables (maximum weight on table 10 tons). Each bay is equipped with efficient extraction fans.

Rapid Turnaround

In addition to stocking large quantities of Inconel, Duplex and other materials used in valve welding and cladding, we keep huge stocks of a wide variety of valves, components and actuators required by the energy industries.

Easy access to valves and materials, combined with our knowledge and expertise gained over more than 20 years, make Score (Europe) unique among oil and gas service companies. As a result, we can begin your welding and cladding project promptly, without having to depend on other suppliers before getting started. The sooner we start the job the sooner it is finished, thus ensuring high satisfaction for our customers.

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