As part of a leading international group of companies responsible for the supply and servicing of valves and other components to the oil and gas industries, Score (Europe) Limited at Cowdenbeath undertake pressure testing and temperature testing to internationally accepted standards for quality and safety.

However, other important and specialist enhanced testing procedures are also performed, according to client requirements. These include:

  • External Leak Detection A variety of valves of different sizes and types can be tested with tracer gases including methane or helium, or a mix of 99% nitrogen and 1% helium. Using our high-sensitivity mass spectrometer, external leakage rates as low as one billionth of a cubic centimetre per second can be detected and pinpointed.
  • Methanol Testing Using methanol as the test medium, performance testing is carried out to customers’ requirements regarding the type and operational conditions of the valve under test. The testing procedure, which is repeated over a specified number of endurance cycles, is usually performed at ambient temperature and high pressure.
  • Slurry Testing Slurries introduced into pipelines during oil production procedures contain much abrasive material which is damaging to valves and other pipeline components. Score (Europe) Limited at Cowdenbeath have facilities to carry out tests to API standards with slurry containing 2% sand, or according to client’s specification. The process can achieve flow rates in a purpose-built experimental flow loop of 2000 litres/min, or greater.
  • Flow-Loop Testing of Control Valves Flow rates of up to 2000 litres/min with clean water are used to test the efficiency of control valves within an experimental flow loop. Operation is performed remotely and flow rates and pressures are recorded digitally.
  • Cyclic Testing Because valve performance decreases with use over a period of time it is extremely important to monitor the rate and extent of valve deterioration during continuous cycling tests. At Cowdenbeath tests are conducted both over the expected working life of a valve and its operating device, and also up to the point of complete breakdown of component integrity.

Our team includes multi-skilled NDE technicians with extensive experience in the application of NDE techniques on valves and associated equipment. All of our technicians are qualified to SNT level 2 in each NDE technique as a minimum.

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