Pressure safety valves are a critical part of any piping system and the owners of such systems need to know they can trust and rely on the provider of their pressure safety valve services.

Score offers a number of pressure safety valve services, including the following:

  • Procurement of pressure safety valves and maintenance kits
  • Overhaul
  • Test and recertification
  • Surveys and benchmarking of pressure safety valve populations
  • On-site testing and recertification campaigns
  • In-situ in-line testing
  • Provision of PSV spares (including bolting and gaskets)

Our survey and benchmarking services can allow you to improve the effectiveness of your maintenance by determining accurate schedules for recertification of pressure safety valves based on specific parameters and known risk. Effective benchmarking of a pressure safety valve population could reduce your maintenance activities but improve the results by focusing effort.

Score workshops provide comprehensive pressure safety valve overhaul and test services for all types of safety relief valve.

Score has a team of over 100 Field Service Technicians capable of undertaking on-site test and recertification of pressure safety valves at onshore or offshore installations. During this work the valves will be removed from service, tested and recertified in one of our purpose-built mobile test workshops before being reinstated in line.

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