Score (Europe) Limited offer the supply of needle valves

Needle valves are used in instrumentation systems and work on an identical principle to screwed stem globe valves. The difference being that instead of a plug point, a needle valve has, as you would expect, a needle point. Operation is generally by a t-bar, rotated to push the needle into the seat. The seat to seal interface is the needle passing through and sealing on a conical area machined inside the body (or on a seat insert screwed / swaged into the body). Energisation of the seal is by the mechanical force applied through the stem.

The primary function of a needle valve is isolation. The secondary function could be throttling (although not recommended as this can result in erosion of the sealing surface) and the third function is reduction, where the seat aperture in the needle valve is a smaller bore than the piping bore.

Needle Valve Specification

  • Manual Hand Lever Operated
  • Operating temperature and fluids suitability - further information on request
  • Firesafe / Cryogenic / Gas Service certified options
  • Modification service available for all stock options
  • ANSI 800, 1500 & 2500lb - Threaded, Socket Weld and Butt-Weld ends
  • PN, API and other Pressure Class Valves available on request
Common Materials of Construction Material Specifications
Standard Carbon Steel ASTM A105 A216 WCB WCC
Low temperature Carbon Steel ASTM LF2 A352 LCC LCB
Stainless Steel ASTM A182 F316 ASTM A182 F316L ASTM A182 F304 ASTM A182 F304L ASTM A182 F321 ASTM A182 F347 ASTM A351 CF8M ASTM A351 CF3M
Specials F44 SMO F51 Duplex Super Duplex Monel Hastelloy Titanium Inconel Bronze Alu. Bronze
Other Actuated
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