In any pipeline system the effect of extreme temperature inside the piping, or even externally, is likely to have an effect on flow characteristics, with potential consequences for productivity and safety.

This may be due to a direct effect on the physical or chemical properties of the liquid or gas, or to the effect of high or low temperature on the operation of valves in the system.

In the oil and gas industries the operational conditions may sometimes be very severe, eg. in tropical or arctic environments, and the hydrocarbons and other compounds involved in most processes are flammable. Consequently, the efficient and safe operation of valves under a wide range of temperatures and over prolonged periods is vitally important.

At Cowdenbeath, Score (Europe) Limited offer specialist valve testing services to our clients worldwide including:

  • Elevated-Temperature Testing A variety of valves of all types and sizes can be performance tested at high temperatures in purpose-built thermally insulated test boxes by our specialist technicians. In order to ensure maximum reliability, the testing is carried out at temperatures greatly in excess of those ever likely to be encountered under operational conditions. We test at up to 600 degrees C using heating elements and up to 1000 degrees C using gas burners.
  • Low-Temperatures & Cryogenic Testing In our 6 purpose-built thermally insulated cryogenic chambers, valves can be tested at temperatures as low as -196 degrees C, in accordance with BS 6364. The cryogenic chambers are of different sizes to accommodate various sizes and types of valves, the largest chamber measuring 12ft x 6ft x 6ft.
  • Fire & Flame Testing In a specially constructed Fire Test Building valve performance can be tested under simulated burning conditions at temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees C. Using manoeuvrable and adjustable gas burners, the flame can be directed onto any area surrounding the valve according to client's requirements. Fire testing is carried out to Standards BS EN ISO 10497, API 607, 589 and API 6FA, 6FB, 6FC and 6FD.
  • PR2 Testing Where operating conditions demand, valves may be required to be tested over a range of temperatures and pressures, eg high pressures and temperatures followed by lower pressures and low temperatures, or any combination of temperature and pressure.

As always, at Cowdenbeath we offer a flexible service, including a selection of some, or all, of our temperature and pressure testing procedures, where each package is tailored to meet the client’s requirement.

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