Our CNC equipment is programmed and operated by fully qualified and experienced technicians, many of whom are the products of Score Group’s highly acclaimed 6-year apprentice engineer training scheme.

All machinists (CNC and Manual) are highly skilled allowing them to work with a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including exotic materials such as Inconel, Duplex and other heat-resistant alloys.

Knowledge and use of modern CNC technology is becoming increasingly important at Score (Europe) as we undertake more large-scale projects involving the machining of multiple quantities of specialist valves and components for the energy industries. We own and have unrestricted access to the following CNC machines.

What we do

Machining operations on valves and valve components, including Computer Numerical Control (CNC) methods, are highly important engineering activities at Score (Europe). From our position as a world-leading company serving the international oil and gas industries, we are able to provide a fast and efficient service for all milling, boring and turning jobs. Our state-of-the art machine shop has access to a 5-ton crane and also a 10-ton overhead crane which covers our machine shop and welding shop. We maintain our own large stocks of raw materials used in CNC and manual machining. These include, but are not restricted to, Inconel 625 and 718, and F51 and F55 Duplex.

Our speciality is the supply, repair, upgrading and modification of all types and sizes of valves and actuators, but we will readily undertake machining projects involving other engineering components used in the energy industries.

Manual Machining

Although our CNC activities are breaking new ground and reinforcing our position as a leader in valve supply and service, the volume of work undertaken using our manual lathes and vertical borers continues to be significant. At Score (Europe) the following machines are in steady use:

Measuring Equipment

Reliable and precise measuring is an essential aspect of all CNC and other machining work on valves undertaken at Score (Europe). We have use of a FARO Gauge complete with Delcam Software.

Customer Satisfaction

Because Score has ready access to our own large stocks of Inconel, Duplex and other materials we can start work on your machining project with minimum delay. This allows for a speedy and efficient service and rapid turnaround, a very important factor in a fast-moving and competitive industry.

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